Original paintings featuring America's favorite flower

Original Orchid Paintings by Nancy Evans Nardiello

Why Orchids?

Image of the artist at work When I think of beauty, I think of an orchid. They are fascinating plants that uplift and nurture my soul.

I am what orchid enthusiasts call a "windowsill grower." I started with one white orchid, added a pink one, then a yellow one with spots. Next I had a fuchsia one with stripes and the love affair had begun. Pretty soon, I had twenty plants.

The many spellbinding characteristics of orchids mesmerize my imagination. Their color combinations and vibrant patterns continue to teach me. I love the colors, the overlapping shapes, and the enormous variety of the plant. Nature has created beauty that is almost impossible to reproduce.

Taking time to really look at the miracle of each plant, I am inspired to capture them in my paintings. Grouping these pieces together allows them to compliment the uniqueness and individual personality of each orchid. I hope to display their beauty so that you too can be inspired.

You can never have just one! Orchids represent the largest family of flowering plants in the world. Every land habitat where it is possible for plants to grow will contain orchids. There are few places in the world where if you know how to search you won't find an orchid!